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The Bear & The Rat Animation

"I like that the treats are made with ingredients that are healthy for my 4-legged baby. I can feel good about giving him these frozen treats. He loved it! He treated this like a prized possession, taking it to his bed to enjoy in comfort"

- Kim H., Massachusetts

"My dog is older and experiences trouble using the bathroom sometimes, this worked very well with her stomach and didn't cause any problems, always a plus!"

- Olivia P., Virginia

"Smells yummy and healthy but still delicious for the picky pup. We have a very hard-to-please Shiba Inu, so when we find a snack he instantly eats, it's amazing!"

- Diana N., California

"I love spoiling my dog and this seemed like the perfect treat for her to enjoy on a hot day. I would say that she enjoyed it by the way she licked it all up! It is also a healthier alternative to other dog ice cream or just feeding your dog regular ice cream!"

- Julia F., New Jersey

"This was a big hit! My dogs never had dog ice cream and I can now say they're addicted! Love that there is nothing bad in these so I can purchase them everytime they need a treat!"

- Paige A., Florida

"I bought the Bacon and Peanut Butter flavor frozen dog treat for my dog Ellie. Before giving it to her, I sampled a tiny taste. Not that I would eat a whole one myself, I appreciated that the treat was made out of simple, nutritious ingredients. My girl is a puppy and this was her first dog ice cream. She absolutely loved it and begs for more every time I open my freezer. I will definitely be buying this again!"

- Lisa B., California

"My dog loved this special treat and the ingredients were good. He did not get a stomach ache after finishing it and I consider that a huge success!"

- Molly B., New York

"I loved this for my dog. First and foremost, the ingredients used in these frozen yogurt treats are top-notch. The Bear & The Rat take pride in using high-quality, natural ingredients that are safe and beneficial for our canine companions. I appreciate their commitment to sourcing wholesome ingredients and avoiding any artificial additives or preservatives."

- Malet R., Colorado

"This is an awesome brand. My dog loved the ice cream and I loved that it contains prebiotics for her gut health! The list of ingredients is pretty short so that is always a positive!"

- Brittany O., Pennsylvania

"doggie loves it. This tops the Purina brand. I am definitely going to get more for him and this will be his dessert. Perfect for the scorching summer."

- Andrea B., New York

"I loved how much my dog enjoyed this! Usually some treats make my dog's stomach upset and she is sensitive, but she ate this right up without issues! She wanted more and even started eyeing me when I had to pick up the cup when she finished it haha. Really recommend this! I love how they have natural ingredients since she also struggles with allergies!"

- Rhielle M., California


"My puppy enjoyed his 1st birthday cake. Easy baking instructions and a good amount to last for a couple days. Of course he could not wait to have his own slice and went right in. Will definitely purchase it again."

- Crystal

"I am a horrible baker but this dog cake mix made it really easy and it is literally fool proof. I used greek yogurt and mixed it with freeze dried strawberry powder to make a pink frosting. I used blue spirulina to make a purple frosting with a little bit of dog safe natural food coloring. My 4 dogs loved it"

- Candi

"The Barley's Bakes Birthday Cupcake Mix for Dogs is an easy-to-make cake mix to spoil your favorite dog with. The cakes are as easy to make as any other boxed cake mix - simply add water, oil, and egg to the powdered cake mix, pour into the pan of your choice (I used a mini cupcake pan), then bake for the recommended time. If you're leery about using oil, you can also sub in applesauce for the additional vitamins and fiber. The cupcakes rose nicely and have an interesting scent that appealed to my dog, but not the humans in the household. You can feed the cupcakes as is or top them with the accompanying frosting.  The cupcakes didn't cause any type of digestive distress and my dog seemed to relish getting a little treat with his meal each day."

- K. Chan

"Honestly, this is just too cute. Why aren't there more products like this on the market? We all love our pets and like to spoil them even more. This makes it so easy! These were super quick and easy to whip together! My dog had fun doing taste tests along the way too! You just pour the mix in a bowl along with water, eggs & oil! Pour it in a greased cake pan or cupcake liners and bake it. When done, these looked quite like human cupcakes, just a bit more firm. My dog didn't hesitate to scarf one down. They must be a bit pasty or something though as I think it got stuck to the roof of her mouth. She ran to get some water afterward. This also could just be because she tries eating too fast as well and decided to put the whole thing in her mouth. If you have a smaller dog, I would recommend breaking the cupcake down into smaller pieces. A lot of people would maybe consider this as a novelty item to buy for your pup's birthday. I say any day is a good day to bake pupcakes! I'm sure your dog will agree!"

- Sara

"This was so fun to make with my toddler for our Yorkie. The smell was incredible, and I totally would have eaten these myself. My dog loved the taste; I’m not even sure he tasted it with how fast he wolfed these cupcakes down. My toddler helped me pour the water and oil and crack the egg for the mix and then helped me stir; she loved making the treats but got bummed she couldn’t have some too. We got 12 cupcakes out of this, which I feel were pretty big for such a small dog, so we only ended up giving him 4 over the course of a couple of days before they got hard. Maybe better if you have a few dogs to share this box, but it was a fun experience for sure."

- Jenna H.

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